Where Did Everybody Go?

Where Did Everybody Go?
Pastel, 11 x 14 - SOLD

"This is the day to go play in sand at the beach,” Gramma said. "I’m afraid it is too cold for swimming though.”

Mason and Adalynn were getting the beach blanket and sand pails already. They wanted baggies to carry in
case they found sea shells, too.
Once there, they spotted a tall bird. “Let’s take a picture of it,” said Gramma.“What is it," asked Mason?”

“A flamingo,” said Adalynn. "No, it is something else, but I won’t say what just yet," Gramma told her.

“When we go home, we will look it up in a book. Then I will paint it. I am going to put in hidden creatures to have fun and see if you can find them.”

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