The Rumbling View

The Rumbling View

Pastel, 8 x 10, unframed, $240 – Free shipping in the continental United States.

For the month of January 2014, more than 253 other artists and I posted a painting a day for 30 days.

This is Day 15: "She'll be coming round the mountain when she COMES!!!" Mason, Adalynn and Gramma were singing at top volume. They were outside and Grandad was laughing a lot. He was eating popcorn, sitting and watching them. He was ready to say, "All Aboard!"

Nobody knew any more words so they just kept singing the same refrain over and over. All of this was in honor of Gramma's newest painting, "The Rumbling View."

Mason announced that he had a train ride once with Gimpa, Grandma C., Tee Tee, and Mommy. He knew just what to do. They were going to set folding lawn chairs one behind another and pretend to go on a train ride.

"We are going to Durango first, to pass by old gold mines," said Gramma. "I want to go under a tunnel," said Mason. "I want to toot the whistle," said Adalynn.

They pretended to travel all over. The children wanted to get on and off the train at every stop. That was so Grandad could yell, "All aboard!" What an adventure!

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