Wildflowers in the Mist

Wildflowers in the Mist

Pastel, 9 x 11, $307, unframed - includes free shipping in the continental United States.

In January 2014, I painted a painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 14: I finished up the colors in this painting by adding more blues in the backround and more warm rusts up front. Highlights next and added details today.

Another day of the children's vacation and it was still early with lots of dew on the grass. Everyone was wearing rubber boots for the morning jaunt.

Mist hanging over the landscape made everything seem so different. Mason wanted to race, but Adalynn was busy dancing. She loved to dance wherever she went. "Look! There are such dainty little wildflowers. They look like fairy flowers."

The children loved to pick flowers, but they decided to wait. It would be nice to get them just before going home so they could give them to Mommy.

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