Winter Stand of Pines

Winter Stand of Pines

Pastel, 9 x 12, $324, unframed - free shipping in continental United States.

In January 2014, I painted a painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 10: "Maybe today would be a good day to collect pine cones for your Mommy," said  Gramma. Grandad told them exactly where to find the best ones.  He said we would have to look carefully through the tall winter weeds .

Mason and Adalynn ran to get bags. Then they put on their tall boots. Gramma did too. Away they went and before long they found the very tall pine trees at the edge of the field..

They were keeping an eye out for wild turkies but did not see any. They heard crows cawing, and even heard woodpeckers hammering. All the birds were hidden from sight it seemed.

"Don't choose any soggy pine cones or they will have bugs in them," said Gramma. Mason and Adalynn were interested to see if any nests were up in the trees. "Too bad I did not bring my binoculars for vacation," Mason said.

Everybody had a full bag, so it was time to come home for lunch. You will be able to make peanut butter pine cones for the birds at your house, Gramma told them. "Maybe you can do other crafts as well." They agreed and knew Mommy would be happy.

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