Our Special Place

Our Special Place

Pastel, 8 x 10, $240, unframed - free shipping in continental United States.

In January 2014, I painted a painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 4: "After naptime Grandad and I are going to take you to our special place," said Gramma.

Adalynn and Mason could hardly wait. They really did not want a nap, but their grandparents needed one. Nobody dawdled when it was finally time to go. The children did not even remember that it was snacktime.

Once there, they piled out of the car. Mason noticed that Grandad was carrying a cooler. This is one of the  places where we have our annual January picnic," Gramma explained. She always saved  a nice assortment of homemade Christmas cookies by freezing them.

They spread a blanket  under a tree and  sat. Gramma and Grandad groaned getting down. They all enjoyed cookies and juice. It was fun to see the pretty reflections on the water. Adalynn loved her cookies. Grandad and Mason did, too.










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