Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out

Pastel, 11 x 17, $561, unframed - free shipping in continental United States.

"We can make presents today. Would you like to take surprises to Mommy and Daddy?" "Oh, yes!" Mason and Adalynn were all smiles.

"Let's go outside and see what we can find. We can use things that look interesting."

They walked along picking up pretty leave, and pieces of bark, and even some wild turkey feathers.

It was fun to see berries and toadstools, too, but Gramma told them not to touch. Some were pretty and colorful, some were probably poison!

They learned about bark from different trees and how some trees had needles instead of flat leaves. They only took what they could glue onto paper.

They learned that palm trees had something called boots, and fiber underneath. Some countries made grass skirts from palm fronds. Some types of brooms were also still made. Lots of other things as well.

They picked up some palm boots to paint on. They could have two projects: painting boots and gluing a fancy picture. Everyone had lots of ideas. Adalynn said, "I'm going to say, 'SURPRISE!' when I give my things to Mommy and Daddy." Mason said, "I'm going to tell them what we learned here."

They made beautiful creations.

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