Magical Lily Pad Place

Magical Lily Pad Place

Pastel, 6 x 8, unframed, $144 – free shipping in continental United States.

In January 2014, I painted one painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 6.

On the sixth day of their vacation, the children were still full of energy and anxious to have fun. After feeding the animals and having breakfast, they said, "Let's go, Gramma. Let's go outside and do something."

"Gramma wants to have fun, too!" she said. "First some important bills must be paid. Why don't you both play for awhile and I can get this job out of the way."

Mason and Adalynn decided to color. It did not take long before they came back. Mason thought Gramma was taking too long. Adalynn thought so, too. They were impatient.

Finally Gramma told them she had a plan. They went for a walk searching for a spot that was really pretty. Gramma let Mason take a picture of it.  Then she let Adalynn carry the camera. They walked and sang songs and made up neat stories.

At home, Gramma  took out her painting supplies. She started to paint the scene they liked by looking at the picture. Adalynn loves purple so Gramma put purple in. Gramma made the painting look very happy and bright.

"We are calling this "Magical Lily Pad Place. Do you know why? It is because we had fun choosing the spot, and on the way home we made up really great stories. Using your imagination is magical! When you have to be quiet or if you have to wait, spend the time in your magical brain. You can think of this paintin to help you." And so they all did!


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