Ice Tassels

Ice Tassels

Pastel, 12 x 16, unframed, $576 – free shipping in continental United States.

"Did you ever see a picture of a waterfall? How about one that is frozen?" Grandad was thinking about everybody who lived in very cold places. He was telling the children about nature when it gets so cold that everything freezes. Grandad and the children looked online to see lots of photos.

Mason said, "I'd like to slide down the waterfall when it was frozen." Adalynn said, "I know how to slide down the sliding board." They both started telling Grandad about how they could also walk back up the sliding board, too.

"Well, if you slid down the waterfall, it would be very, very cold on your bottom. You would either fall into icy water, or fall onto hard ice." You could not walk back up."

"We will  stick to sliding boards, then we won't get hurt," Mason decided. "Yes," said Adalynn.

Gramma showed them a photo that her friend sent, too. It was of water at the bottom of a waterfall. Let's go slide and roll on the pile of dirt by the barn. That sounds like good DIRTY fun!!!!


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