Horseshoe Cove

Horseshoe Cove

Pastel, 8 x 10, unframed, $240 – free shipping in continental United States. This painting might be available with frame. Contact Sharyn for more information.

In January 2014, I painted a painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 19: This was the big day! Grandad took Mason and Adalynn for a ride in a row boat. The children couldn't contain themselves.

Mason was getting ready and talking to Gramma. Adalynn was copying everything Mason did, as usual, even repeating some of his words. She was a devoted little sister.

"I'm going to ask Grandad if I can row too," said Mason. "ROW TOO!" said Adalynn. "I'm really strong," said Mason. "STRONG, STRONG!" said Adalynn.

"I don't know if your arms are quite long enough yet, Mason," said Gramma. "I bet they will grow fast, though. Someday  you will be as big as Grandad and Daddy. Maybe this time you can just enjoy the ride."

They got to Horseshoe Cove and put their life jackets on as soon as they jumped out of the truck. "Where are the boats?" they wanted to know. Grandad said they would walk along a path before they could see boats. He told them to look around, because birds lived on the edge of the water. Who knew what it would be like? They were very ready. What a fun adventure!


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