Gateway to Heaven

Gateway to Heaven

Pastel, 9 x 12, unframed, $324 – free shipping in continental United States.

In January 2014 I painted a painting a day for 30 days. This is Day 9: Adalynn and Mason were about to clean off the table after eating. "Can we throw the crumbs out to the birds Gramma?" "I have an even better idea," said Gramma. "Let's carry your crumbs and some pieces of old bread out to the creek. We can feed the tiny minnows in the water. When we come back, you can fill the bird feeders with birdseed."

"Oh boy! I would like to throw pebbles in the water, too," said Mason. "HMMM, I think that would frighten the little fish. Maybe you and Adalynn can look for little pebbles out there and bring them back to decorate my plants. How would that be?"

They had fun watching the tiny fish dart to the edge of the water for crumbs. It sure made them feel good to help the fish to grow. Adalynn never saw such tiny fish before!


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