Winter Oasis

Winter Oasis

Pastel, 12 x 16, unframed, $576 – free shipping in continental United States.

"Look children! "Here is a snow scene that I painted," said Gramma. Grandad was the one to give it a name. It is called "Winter Oasis."

"I never heard that word, oasis," said Mason." "What does it mean?"

"Where did you get the snow Gramma?" asked Adalynn.

Well, first, Mason. An oasis in the desert means that in a big, hot and sandy place, there might be one little spot with a tree and water. It would be the only place to get cool in the shade, and have a drink. That is a desert oasis.

It also means a good, complete change someplace where you can stop and see water.

"Adalynn, my friend Susan lives in a city where it snows in winter. She let me use her picture for a model. I did not really have snow here." The children were impressed and decided that they would someday go to visit Ms. Susan.


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